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Sustainable Food for People: Acceptability, Inclusivity and Co-creation

Aggiornamento: 6 lug 2022

Keywords: Food Quality, Food Sustainability, Sensory Science, Food Packaging, Food Labelling, Food Sociology, Food Technology, Food Science, Novel Food, Agri-Food Tech, Gastronomic Hospitality, Cross-cultural perception, Vulnerable Groups, Citizen Science, Co-creation.

Area coordinators: Luisa Torri

Keynote speaker: Sara Jaeger

Call for papers: open

Sustainable food should be acceptable and accessible to anybody. However, despite an increasing interest among people in consuming more sustainable foods, certain groups of people have difficulties in accessing pleasant, healthy and sustainable food (e.g. elderly, groups of people with specific pathologies and/or nutritional requirements, immigrants, poverty-stricken people, etc.). Indeed, the perception of food is complex, it strongly depends on the socio-cultural contexts in which we live and thus it requires multidisciplinary approaches to be studied. The panel aims to disentangle how sensory and consumer sciences may help in better understanding people consumption and which factors should be considered to develop sustainable and healthy foods which meet the needs and expectations of specific groups of people, also considering their active role in research approaches based on citizen science and co-creation.

Accepted papers: News soon

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